Delivering Excellence Through Assessment

Delivering Excellence Through Assessment. Knowledge plays a fundamental role in competence and we believe that checking knowledge is the starting point for quality care.

The Care Certificate has now been released! - click here for the latest news

The much anticipated arrival has been met with some scepticism across the sector because some things didn't change, but there are some real gems in the guidance and hopefully I am going to share the best bits!

1. Page 2 Care Certificate Standards

"give everyone confidence that staff have knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide safe high quality support". Note what it does not say is the right "training".

2. Page 2, 3 and 5 Assesor Document

Page 2
"employers should record the assessment decisions and ensure that record is auditable"

Page 3
"There is no requirement for assessors of the Care Certificate to hold any assessor qualification"

Page 5
"Certificates of Attendance, attendance on study days or e-learning without assessment of what has been learnt is not evidence toward achievement of the Care Certificate."

At last we are talking about learning and practice, the culture change is here! The Care Certificate is about practice and observing the practice of staff, not making sure everyone has the right piece of paper or the right colour on the training matrix.

3. Question 10! Top 10 Questions and Answers

"A legal duty to assess the training needs of bank staff or agency staff"

Question 7 - is awesome too!  Is the Care Certificate portable?  Not really because you still have to check, as it describes in Question 10.  The responsibility is with the manager to evidence the safety to practice of that member of staff, NOT the previous manager (or organisation who awarded the certificate).

Overall whilst some things could have been better, the principle of the Care Certificate is really very good.  No longer can we rely on external trainers to sign off staff as competent, that must be done in practice with the people we support, not in a training room or in front of an e-learning screen and as many managers have shared with me - exactly as it should be!

Critically this is of course linked to the new version of CQC Inspection and the KLOE's.  The first KLOE is safe - not trained, but safe to practice, not in date, but able to apply what they have learnt in practice with the people they support.

CQC Guidance - click here for more info

For more information on our competence recording system (including audit trail) and how we have helped many organisations to achieve this since 2006, just book on to one of our free Care Certificate workshops we are holding across the country. - register for a free workshop


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