Delivering Excellence Through Assessment

Delivering Excellence Through Assessment. Knowledge plays a fundamental role in competence and we believe that checking knowledge is the starting point for quality care.

Today is the day - Friday 10th June! Today is the day that the refreshed Common Induction Standards come into effect, no longer can the old, smaller Common Induction Standards be used with new staff. The refreshed Common Induction Standards however are a fantastic way to ensure that all staff have the knowledge they need to do their job safely, which is why the Common Induction Standards are referenced very clearly in the CQC Essential Standards of Quality of Safety.

Importantly the refreshed Common Induction Standards contain many outcomes that were not in the old Common Induction Standards so they more accurately reflect the changing environment in which we operate these days, for example there are no "service users" any more, enalbing individual employers to use the Common Induction Standards with their PA's. However, the increase in the number of outcomes (from 70 to 161) and the increase in the number of Standards has not been matched with an increase in the amount of time available to complete the Standards, as that remains at 12 weeks.

Alongside the refreshed Standards Skills for Care have also released some updated gudiance about both Induction and Refresher courses, which you can download from the resources section On page 3 Skills for Care describe very clearly that completion of Induction is subject to an assessment that evidences the practitioner's competence and this is part of the culture change that is required in Social Care that the Audit Commission highlighted it's briefing paper yesterday.

What ever method you use to facilitate Induction it has to be assessed at the end to measure it's success. What ever method for refreshing knowledge you use, it is imperative that the knowledge people acquire is checked and most importantly - put into practice. Our assessments against the refreshed Common Induction Standards have supported Local Authorities and Private, Voluntary and Independent organisations to do just this, evidence the knowledge and practice of the people providing services, because that is what has an impact on the outcomes of the people being supported.

To find out more download one of the case studies from the resources pages of this website.

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