Delivering Excellence Through Assessment

Delivering Excellence Through Assessment. Knowledge plays a fundamental role in competence and we believe that checking knowledge is the starting point for quality care.

Yesterday we attended the Skills for Care Berkshire Showcase. Thanks to everyone that came and said hello and thanks to everyone who took the time to come over and share the fantastic feedback about using the assessments - we really appreciate it.

However the really interesting thing that happended yesterday was the presentation that the South East Compliance Manager gave at the end of the day. I had been looking forward to hearing CQC present because everyone had been telling us for ages that "CQC were no longer being prescriptive about training courses", but we had no way of verifying if this was actually the case. Well yesterday certainly cleared things up!

CQC made it clear that they are not the experts in every single job role and therefore they cannot prescribe what training an individual does or does not need - it was made very clear that that is the managers role. Only the manager in that location, knows what that individual needs to carry out their job role safely and so it is down to the manager to demonstrate to CQC that the person has the knowledge and skills relevant for their job role.

Outcome 12, is very clear staff need the "skills and experience necessary for the work performed", it does not say that staff have to go on training course X and then be refreshed every year or three years.

Another indication that CQC are no longer looking for training course certificates is the removal of the 50% of staff with an NVQ2 target. It is no longer about whether people have been on training; what is important is: do they have the knowledge required for their job role and can they put it into practice? CQC will looking for evidence of this, but that does not have to be in the form a training course attendance certificate any more.

Our online assessments have been supporting organisations to do evidence exactly this since 2007 and many of our customers have written case studies that describe the successes they have had using the online assessments, please visit the resources section to download the case studies.

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