Delivering Excellence Through Assessment

Delivering Excellence Through Assessment. Knowledge plays a fundamental role in competence and we believe that checking knowledge is the starting point for quality care.

Social Care and Health integration and the funding to get it started. See link below to a letter from David Behan - Director General Social Care, outlining the funding the next four years:

David Behan Letter

An additional £2Bn to support the delivery of social care and an ambitious program of efficiency.

£300m for re-ablement, alongside two new grants, the Learning Disabilites and Health Reform Grant and the Public Health Grant, to reflect the forthcoming transfer of responsibility for services from the NHS to local authorities.

Transformation and efficiency however will be the theme over the coming years and we believe that we can contribute to those efficiencies, as Jill Manthorpe of Kings College London said recently "less training and more skills development".

Visit the Case Studies page on to download the West Berkshire Case Study, which outlines how they transformed their training provision and saved £thousands.

Since Skills for Care refreshed Common Induction Standards in June of this year we have been working on updating our assessments and our workbook.

We released updated assessments a while back and today we are thrilled to launch our new workbook. A big Thank You to everyone who provided feedback on the draft versions over the course of the summer and a special Thank You to Sarah for all of the hard work that she has put in over the past few weeks.

The workbook is available FREE if you are an existing customer, please get in touch if you do not already have your copy of the workbook.

If you would like to have a look at the workbook, please see the links below to Standard One and the Introduction:

As the refreshed Standards have twice the number of outcomes compared to the 2005 Standards, we have split the workbook into individual workbooks for ease of completion. However this also means that the assessments and workbook can be used to ensure that existing staff are up to date with the refreshed Standards, without them attending lots of training.

Please visit the workbook research and the case studies on website in the resources section for more information:

Firstly, thanks to all the customers that have provided us with feedback that has enabled us to develop the new version of CIS Assessment. We have incorporated many of the things that you asked for including "Save" assessment and a "Don't Know" button plus much more...

If you would like to have a look at the new website you can log on using your existing username and password. At the moment the new site is in "beta" and we are going through the final checks to make sure that everything is working correctly and we have transferred everything across, so if you are able to log on, have a look and provide us with feedback we would be very grateful.

You can find the beta version of the CIS Assessment at:

We will adding updates throughout the course of this week and if you would like more information, please visit the news page at:

Finally, we are showcasing the new assessments at "Shaping the Adult Social Care Workforce" Conference on October 13th

For a discounted rate please register using the code CIS01

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