Delivering Excellence Through Assessment

Delivering Excellence Through Assessment. Knowledge plays a fundamental role in competence and we believe that checking knowledge is the starting point for quality care.

Everyone at the CIS Assessment would like to welcome Mikey to the technical team.

I know the technical people already have a long list of things that need to be refreshed, so we are looking forward to your induction!

To all our customers and people using the assessments look out for some improvements in the New Year as well some new assessments including the Mandatory Courses, starting with First Aid which will be available soon.

More info as always can be found at

In the Autumn issue of Foster Families Magazine the Childrens Workforce Development Council (CWDC) published an article entitled "Are you up to standard?", which was all about the Foster Care Training Support and Development Standards.

The article described how Foster Carers skills, knowledge and expertise can make a fundamental difference to the Children and Young People you support and I am sure you will agree as I do that the CWDC are absolutely right.

In the Winter issue of Foster Families Magazine look out for a new article entitled: "You are up to standard", which describes how we have helped thousands of Foster Carers across England evidence that those exact same skills and expertise can be evidenced quickly and easily using our online assessments.

For more information visit either: or

Really pleased with the feedback from yesterdays workshop:

"I spent two hours yesterday trying to get out of this workshop, because I have a lot on at the moment, but I am really glad I came, it is a really useful tool"

Thanks go to John Daniels who shared his thoughts at the end of the workshop yesteray because everyone is busy and sometimes fitting training events about new things can be difficult.

The workshops are a fundamental part of what we do in supporting the Local Authorities and Private and Voluntary organisations who use our system, because in approximately two hours we can share how to use the assessments, demonstrate why assessing knowledge is important and enable people manage the system going forward.

In time for the 4th Dementia Congress early next month, CIS Assessment will be launching the latest version of our online assessments based on the Skills for Care Knowledge Sets.

Find more information including the National Dementia Strategy on our reference material pages at:

Look out for more information in this months copy of Caring Times which will be available during the congress. For more info visit:

One of core the principles of online assessment is checking that staff have the knowledge to carry out their role safely, because if a carer has the right knowledge and applies that knowledge in their role it will improve the quality of care that is delivered.

That knowledge is vital when it comes to medication and that is why Skills for Care have produced the knowledge set: and why we have produced the corresponding assessment. as many as 70% of care homes incorreclty administer medication, yet from a CIS Assessment perspective it is something that could so easily be checked, because the knowledge of the member of staff is part of the process.

CIS Assessment is proud to annouce the launch of assessments based on the Children's Workforce Development Councils (CWDC) - Training Support and Development Standards for Short Break Carers.

The standards can be found in our reference material section:

The assessments are designed to support carers to evidence that their knowledge meets the new standards and on an on going basis build an evidence portfolio that can be used to evidence continuous professional competence.

Check back soon for more news about a case study coming soon.....

National Dementia Strategy

Objective 13 - An effective and informed workforce.

Training and Workforce Development is of central importance for working with poeple with Dementia which partly why Skills have produced the Dementia Knowledge Set, so that trainers and managers can check the knowledge of staff.

We recently launched assessments based on our successful online system and have been working on the assessments ever since and so we are proud to announce that in a couple of weeks we will be launching version two of the assessments.

For more information on the National Dementia Strategy and the Knowledge Sets visit:

Better communication will prevent infections according to the Care Quality Commission, however the knowledge of staff also plays a crucial role.

Check out the Skills for Care Knowledge Set on Infection Prevention and Control at:

Is this the beginning of the demographic change that everyone has been predicting?

Either way if funding is going to be reduced in 2011-12, identifiying who needs to go on training and evidencing knowledge is going to be even more important.

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